Because we understand the possibility that accessing medical services is difficult, we still offer a set of principles and rules on how to use and access medical services DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL. Depending on the evolution of the legislation, the services we offer and the location where we offer these medical services, this document may be subject to change. Always, on www.drnassar.ro we will have the last applicable option.

This document aims to present the principles and main rules that must be followed by a patient who wants to benefit from medical services in DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL. The Terms and Conditions of access are the minimum rules to be completed with the provisions of the legislation in force and possibly with the provisions of the contract concluded with one of the legal entities acting under the umbrella of DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL.

This document respects the principle of equal treatment for all patients, based on criteria of sex, sexual orientation, genetic characteristics, age, nationality, race, color, ethnicity, religion, political choice, social origin, disability, situation or family responsibility, membership
or trade union activity, respecting at the same time the commercial conditions agreed by contracts.

By making the appointment, respectively by presenting and accepting the registration in the list of patients who presented for a medical service in a location DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL, you express your agreement to comply with these terms and conditions for accessing medical services within DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL.


1. Subscriber - is the Patient who accesses medical services based on a subscription of medical services, including membership documents and individual contracts.
2. Informed patient's consent - the patient's consent for the provision of medical services, which has the form provided by WHO 1411/2016
3. Insured / Patient CAS - is that patient who accesses medical services settled by the National Health Insurance House;
4. Private Insured - is the patient who accesses medical services based on a Private Health Insurance
5. Private Insurer - Romanian and foreign commercial company which, in exchange for an insurance premium, undertakes to pay in part / in full the cost of the medical services from which a Private Insured benefited
6. CAS - Health Insurance House with which DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL is in contract;
7. Contract - the agreement of will between the Patient and DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL, regarding the provision of medical services, including but not limited to the contract for the provision of medical services, the commercial offer accepted by the patient (s) expressly by handwritten or electronic signature
applied according to Law 455/2001 or through the applications / portals DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL, or (ii) tacitly, by simply accepting the medical services.
8. The patient - is the person who uses DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL Medical Services.
9. The staff of DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL means the employees of DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL, its officials, consultants and collaborators of any kind, as well as any person who provides services in the name and / or on behalf of DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL or for DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL.
10. Terms and conditions of access - are all the provisions provided below that apply to all accesses of medical services by Patients within DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL.


1. Medical services can be accessed by Patients, as a rule, from Monday to Friday between 8.00 - 20.00 within DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL, under the conditions communicated periodically by DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL, available on the website www.drnassar.ro . DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL may modify the operating schedule of any clinic, laboratory or hospital as it deems appropriate.
2. Accessing medical services is made on the basis of telephone scheduling performed (i) in the Call Center, at the telephone number communicated on the website www.drnassar.ro (ii) as well as by online scheduling through the website DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL or through the applications or portals of DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL. We recommend making your appointment by accessing the Call Center number.
3. The transmission of notifications, invoices, correspondence with the Patient by the representatives of DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL, will be made at the contact data mentioned in the Contract / declared on other channels and registered in the computer system of DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL, the address will be updated accordingly. the patient's statements at the time of accessing the Medical Services. Thus, if after signing a contract for medical services with DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL, in which the contact details were mentioned, other coordinates are declared (by another contract, by mentioning it in a written correspondence, by subscribing to a newsletter, through Call center, in the reception of DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL, etc.), they will be updated according to the last request of the Patient, the latter not being able to prevail over the fact that the notifications and communications were not made according to the contract.
4. SMS or e-mail communications, such as but not limited to the requested appointments, information on the results of investigations carried out or possible payment delays, information on operational procedures / DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL systems, which have an impact on the method for the development of the medical activity, they are not promotional, their purpose being to ensure a good development of the medical services requested by the patients.
5. Depending on the operational needs of DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL and the commercial policy of DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL, access to the clinic may be restricted or even closed if the Provider decides to close the clinic, reduce the number of services provided or other changes of an operational or commercial nature (such as be, without limitation, the modification of the specificity or structure of the clinic).
6. Exceptionally, your appointment may be delayed when medical staff provide care in medically priority cases or in cases that require increased medical attention / supervision.
7. For medical emergencies (emergency as defined from a medical point of view - medical or surgical condition, the onset of which is sudden, and which is manifested by symptoms of sufficient severity, and for which a prudent physician who has medical knowledge and who act in good faith and in accordance with international medical standards, would consider that failure to provide immediate medical attention would lead to serious physical failure or death), we recommend that you contact the nearest emergency medical unit. DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL is not authorized as an Emergency Reception Unit, as defined by law.
8. The medical services settled by the Health Insurance Houses with which DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL is in contract are available within the existing funds, to the doctors declared in the contracts concluded by DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL with CAS and under the conditions communicated by DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL at the time accessing services.
9. The access to the medical services offered by DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL is limited by their availability. DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL encourages the good faith and rational use of medical services. If DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL finds excessive use or non-compliance with its policies, it may interrupt or stop providing services to you, without informing you in advance.
10. DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL has the operational activity organized in several categories of program / access to doctors, which may mean the existence of different commercial conditions for accessing medical services offered by certain categories of doctors, for example we mention doctors in "Payment Integrala ”or doctors in“ Academic Partnership ”.
DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL reserves the right to modify these programs, respectively to keep the program of certain doctors exclusively for patients who do not have a subscription. DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL reserves the right to provide a differentiated / preferential service to certain categories of customers depending on its commercial policy, in compliance with the contracts to which DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL is a party.
11. The lists of doctors (Full Payment, Academic Partnership, etc.) can be modified unilaterally by DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL, depending on the contracts concluded by DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL with doctors or depending on the commercial policy of DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL. Information about Patients' access to DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL doctors and the costs of medical services provided by them are obtained from the Call Center operator and in DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL locations, and in case of differences between the information provided, the operational coordinator of the location where the decision is to be accessed. will have the final decision. Also, DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL can unilaterally give up one or all of the lists of doctors.
12. DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL will use all legal methods, including contracting specialized debt collection companies, lawyers, bailiffs to recover Patients' debts.
13. If you consider that your rights have been violated, please detail your case to us at contact@drnassar.ro, by calling the call center or through the applications / portals DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL. A dedicated team will take over your message and investigate what is reported, and a written answer will be given to you as soon as possible. Patients will not put any pressure on reception staff and on-site management to resolve complaints.
14. Patients and DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL have the obligation to know and respect the applicable legal provisions, respectively Law 95/2006, Law 46/2003 and related legislative acts, Patients not being able to invoke in their defense the ignorance of the law.
15. Patients and DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL: (i) will act in accordance with applicable law on bribery and corruption; (ii) will not offer, promise, receive or solicit any bribe (financial or other benefits) including, without limitation.
16. DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL aims to provide medical services at the highest quality standards. In exceptional cases, the result of the services provided by the medical staff of DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL may differ from the result desired by the Patient. We remind you that the medical obligation is an obligation of diligence, at the current level of knowledge being impossible


1. The patient will follow the program of the clinic without being able to make notifications related to the fact that they were not allowed to enter the clinic before the beginning of the program or after its end.
2. CAS patients will have access to medical services settled by CAS only by proving the quality of the insured by the cumulative presentation of the following documents: (i) the CAS insured card; (ii) the referral note issued under the CAS conditions, and (iii) the identity card.
3. The access of the Private Insureds will be made proving the quality of private insured, conditioned by the validation by the Private Insurer of the settlement of the insured services and by the presentation of the guarantee letter.
4. Patients will have access to medical specialties within the program dedicated to non-subscribers or subscribers, depending on the quality they have and the provisions of the contract under which they were allowed access to services.
5. Access to medical services, including the issuance of medical results, can be done only in person, after identifying the patient, identification that can be done only on the basis of a photo ID / passport. In order to release the results to a person other than the Patient, it will be necessary to present additional documents, according to the procedures of DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL. In the case of patients without discernment, the information will be presented to the relatives / legal representatives. Each Patient / owner has the obligation to request additional information at the receptions of DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL.
6. Access to medical services, including the release of medical results of a minor patient, can be made only after identifying the Patient and the relative accompanying the minor, with the presentation of documents, according to the procedure communicated through the call center or on the website www.drnassar. en.
7. When registering minor patients in order to access medical services, in the computer system of DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL, the parent / legal representative / owner / person requesting the appointment will communicate the identification data of the parents or legal representative of the minor patient.
8. At each access to the medical services, the staff of DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL will update the Patients' data, especially by phone and e-mail. Foreign patients are obliged to communicate contact details (address and telephone number) in Romania.
9. Patients understand that the information regarding the medical services and their prices, obtained in the Call Center or on the website www.drnassar.ro, as well as their inclusion in the subscription, are for informational purposes only. The contract signed with the Patients or with their employers / family members will always prevail, which will be completed with the price list displayed in the reception. Depending on the specifics of each medical case and the medical services actually offered within the interaction with doctors DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL, the final cost of the services may vary. In this sense, the Patient has the obligation that after each medical service to check in the reception of DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL the cost of the services provided, respectively if all the services provided are fully or partially covered by the subscription.
10. If the Patient does not show up for 3 consecutive appointments within 6 months, without having a good reason and without announcing at least 24 hours before the time at which the appointment is established, DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL may suspend Medical Services provided to that Patient for a period of 3 months, except for Occupational Medicine and without affecting the Patient's access to emergency services according to the applicable legal provisions. The patient has the obligation to appear at the time established according to the appointment, thus avoiding the impossibility of consulting the doctor.
11. In the case of services included in subscriptions or purchased in the form of packages, failure to appear at appointments made without complying with the cancellation conditions provided in point 10 above, will lead to payment of the consultation / removal from the package of services accessed by the Patient.
12. The parents / legal representatives of the children have the obligation not to leave the children unattended in any clinic / hospital DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL. We do not take responsibility for any events in which children are injured in clinics / hospitals due to the negligence of the guardians.
13. In accordance with the provisions of the Fiscal Code, we inform you that we do not issue the invoice for medical services provided, at the request of patients, on behalf of individuals and / or legal entities (limited liability companies, PFA, PFI, etc.) unless it was concluded with the respective legal entity, in advance, a contract for the provision of medical services specifically for the services provided to the patient.
14 If, after accessing the medical services, the Patients appear in the accounting records of any of the companies within DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL, with debts, the Patient will not be able to access any of the Medical Services provided by any of the companies belonging to DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL, regardless whether or not it also has the quality of CAS / Private Subscriber or Insured. The restriction will be active until the flow is paid or the flow situation is adjusted.
15. If the medical services from which the Private Patient or the CAS Patient has benefited are not covered by the Private Insurer or CAS, for any reason, the Patient is obliged to pay the value of the medical services. In this sense, the Patient has the obligation to sign various documents, such as payment commitments, documents that will be made available by the staff of DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL. The refusal to sign these documents may determine the refusal by DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL to provide medical services.
16. Settlement through private health insurance and social health insurance excludes any other type of settlement of services, as well as the application of additional commercial discounts. Before accessing the medical service, the patient will decide which method he wants to apply for the settlement of the services.
17. Obscene acts, acts or gestures, utterance of insults, insulting or vulgar expressions, threats of acts of violence or any other acts against the Provider's Personnel and other persons within the premises or damage, destruction or theft of DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL assets, of its nature disturb public order and tranquility or provoke the indignation of people or harm their dignity and honor or the health network DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL are not tolerated. If the Patient or his relatives commits one of the deeds, the documents mentioned above, DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL will immediately request the evacuation of the Patient / his relatives from the premises. In case of a conflict situation, DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL employees will be able to immediately request the intervention of the intervention teams of the private security and protection companies with which it collaborates, and / or the intervention of the Police.
18. In case of events such as those mentioned in point 17 - III above, DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL may restrict the access of any person involved in the incident to the medical services available within DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL, having the right to unilaterally terminate any previously concluded contract with the Patient or in favor of the Patient.
19. It is forbidden to photograph, record video and audio, both in the waiting area, reception and in the doctors '/ nurses' offices, without their prior written permission.
20. The suspension of the provision of Medical Services is made in the following situations, without limitation: (i) The patient has not paid the invoices issued by DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL, including according to art. 14 - III above; (ii) in the case of art. 17 - III above; (iv) The patient or his relatives are in a litigious situation with DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL; litigious will mean litigation registered in court or any other complaint made by the Patient that could cause major damage DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL; (v) In other cases expressly provided in the contract signed by the Patients with the Health Network DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL or in law.
21. In the case of investigations in which the consent expressed in writing in the form of medical consent is required, the lack of the patient's signature on the specific forms is equivalent to the lack of consent, in which case the provision of the requested medical services will be stopped immediately.


1. Based on the subscription, the Subscribers have free or reduced access to medical specialties within the program dedicated to the subscribers, under the conditions mentioned in the contracts concluded directly with them or in their favor but with another natural or legal person (their employers / employers of the husband / their wife / child). The subscriber cannot take advantage of the ignorance of the annexes to the contract comprising the list of medical services included in full or with a discount in his subscription.
2. The access of the Subscribers in the program dedicated to non-subscribers will be made exclusively with the payment of the services at the list price or with the reduction provided in the Contract.
3. If the access to the requested doctor or medical service is not fully included in the subscription, the Call Center operator or the reception staff will inform the Subscriber in this respect. The subscriber has the obligation to request, before receiving a medical service, information regarding the cost of the recommended / desired medical services. Any omission represents the tacit acceptance to pay for the services received at list price or at a reduced price according to the applicable subscription.
4. If the Subscriber requests the provision of services in other conditions than those communicated by the Provider, respectively those described in the contract and in the rest of the annexes to the contract, he will be obliged to pay all services provided, at list price or at a discount, regardless whether or not they were included in the subscription.
5. The making of the appointments requested by the Subscriber is made in the conditions of observing the Agreement regarding the Minimum Quality Level of the services, which guarantees an average waiting term for each specialty. The average waiting term for each specialty is observed in the conditions in which the Subscriber does not show a preference for the doctor, day / hour, etc. If the Subscriber shows a preference for a doctor, day / hour, the waiting times mentioned in the contract are no longer applicable, they can be extended. Waiting times are guaranteed for the clinic and only under the conditions mentioned above.
6. In order to access the services included in the subscription, free of charge or with a discount, it may be necessary to present a referral note issued by a doctor from DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL, according to the annex to the contract. The doctor DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL will recommend the medical services considered necessary as a result of his own medical act. Before presenting in a DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL location, the subscriber has the obligation to check the services included in the subscription contract and the conditions for accessing a service.
7. Requests for new subscriptions are sent according to the provisions of the Contract, by the human resources department of the contractor, usually the Subscriber's employer, to the authorized persons within DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL. The term for registration in the database is 2 working days from the receipt of the request. This term can be extended in case there are inconsistencies / ambiguities, until their completion.


Online consultations are a service in the category of telemedicine, which allow doctor-patient interaction in the online environment, through electronic means of communication. The online consultation service is available as an alternative to consultations in the presence of the patient in the doctor's office, does not aim to replace the specialized medical consultation and is limited in terms of the possibility of diagnosis.

The medical information provided by doctors is given only on the basis of the symptoms you describe. It is the patient's responsibility to provide as accurate or complete a description as possible of the symptoms, general health, medication used or treatments indicated by other physicians and not followed in full, medical history and any possible external factors with which the patient came in contact ( eg people with communicable diseases, travel, substances of any kind, etc.).

Given the technological and legislative limitations of this moment, by accessing this service represents your statement that you understand the limitations of the online consultation service as explained in this document.
To access the service, it is necessary to pre-install the free ZOOM communication application, available for Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android operating systems, compatible with the most popular web browsers.

In addition, access to a functional video camera and microphone is required, as well as an internet connection that allows interaction with the doctor. DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL does not assume any responsibility in case the online consultation cannot take place or is interrupted due to the equipment or the patient's internet connection, in which case the consultation will be performed at another time.

The consultations will be offered by the doctors DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL, first of all from the medical offices located in the clinics where they carry out their activity and in special cases from home, ensuring the doctor-patient confidentiality. The patient is, in turn, responsible for ensuring confidentiality in the space where he accesses the consultation. The communications network, the equipment, including the audio-video ones, through which DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL offers the online consultations are secured, and the access by the doctor of the consultation session is made through strong unique credentials.

The software used is ZOOM. For more details please see the ZOOM terms and conditions for using the application available at https://zoom.us/
The application will be accessed by patients in Visitor format, without the need to create an individual account. The data will be processed through ZOOM and will transit its servers.

The consultation session will not be recorded, and no image or voice print will be stored by DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL as a result of the online consultation session. It is forbidden for the patient to register it. Otherwise, the doctor will stop the recording when he notifies it, reminding the patient of the ban. In the event of a recalculation, the patient will receive denied access, without having the possibility of a new appointment, and the usual rules for using the services of DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL will be applicable.

The medical information that the doctor will obtain or determine during the consultation will be noted in the patient's medical report, just like in the case of a clinical consultation, in the office. Given the technological and legislative limitations of the moment, by accessing this service is your statement that you understand the limitations of the online consultation service, as explained in this document.
The online consultations, without the physical presence of the patient in the office, are suitable only for certain medical specialties and have certain characteristics, as follows:

• It will be possible to offer consultations only for diseases of maximum average severity, involving a general good condition of the patient, with symptoms with recent onset, up to a few days;
• It will also be possible to offer controls after previous visits, to interpret the results of the analyzes and possibly evaluate the way in which the condition recovers;
• Consultations may not involve a complete clinical examination (measurements of vital signs may not be made, clinical data may not be obtained from palpation or auscultation of the patient);
• Depending on the findings of the doctor, the consultations may be completed either with simple recommendations with instructions to follow, or with recommendations for a specialized clinical consultation or investigation;
• The doctor will not be able to issue all types of prescriptions / (at most OTC medication recommendations may be issued - medicines dispensed by pharmacies without a prescription / prescriptions for prolonging treatments for diseases
chronic for periods of up to 30 days;
• The medical report of the consultation, including the recommendations made at the end, will be found in the patient's medical file and will be visible in his portal account;
• The patient is asked to follow the recommendations made by the doctor and not to exceed them. The attending physician and DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL disclaim any responsibility if the patient does not follow these recommendations. In cases where the recommendations made during the consultation do not improve the symptoms presented, the patient has the duty to request a new opinion. If the symptoms worsen or there are side effects with the recommended medications, the patient will call the emergency service 112 / will go to the Guard Room.

For the use of the online consultation service, all the rules for accessing the DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL services mentioned in the first chapters of this document are applied, with the necessary modifications. The online consultation service is available as an alternative to consultations in the presence of the patient in the doctor's office. Accessing this service represents the patient's consent for the processing of his image and voice in the conditions set forth above, as well as acceptance of all terms and conditions included in this section.

For any additional details regarding the processing of personal data by DENTIST INTERNATIONAL SRL, you can consult https://drnassar.ro/despre-noi/politica-de-confidentialitate/

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