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When we talk about decayed baby teeth, bottle cavities evolve much faster and a small dot on the tooth can turn into a deep caries. And from here no more than a step to the loss of the tooth. But why get to the extraction when we can find out? Find out in this article about the causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment of bottle caries.


Veneers can be applied by 2 procedures, with grinding of the teeth, ie with preparation, or without grinding ("no prep"). Although there are several types of dental veneers made of composite or materials such as zirconium or ceramic (Lumineers, Emax, etc.), not all veneers can be used at any time and anyway in the No Prep method.


The concern for dental and dento-facial aesthetics has increased a lot in recent years, so that every day, patients ask us what they can do to improve the aesthetic appearance of their teeth, to benefit from white, straight and shiny teeth. . There are many solutions in this regard, but often the optimal option is the procedure called "tooth veneering".


Este dovedit faptul ca in prezent in Romania, peste 30% dintre adulti sufera de edentatii multiple (cel putin 2 dinti lipsa), fapt ce afecteaza atat calitatea vietii, cat si sanatatea intregului organism. ​ Sistemul All on 4 a fost special creat pentru a veni in autorul pacientilor cu mai multi dinti lipsa si pentru care implantarea si protezarea realizata in doar 24 de ore reprezinta un mare avantaj.

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