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Bone addition price 2020. Find out how to cost you less!

Find out how much a bone addition costs, the factors that influence the price and how you can pay a lower price.


Years ago you extracted one or more teeth or lost teeth as a result of trauma or infection. All this leads to a decrease in the bone layer, and doctors call this aspect os resorbit.

Now you have decided to replace the missing teeth with dental implants, but due to the resorbed bone, the implants cannot be inserted without resorting to bone addition procedure. The total price of the addition procedure differs from case to case and is influenced by several factors.


1. The number of teeth that require bone addition

  • The higher the number of teeth that need bone augmentation, the higher the price of bone addition.
  • Not all teeth to be replaced with implants need bone augmentation, so the price of bone addition will be zero in this case.

2. Type of material used

Currently there are 4 types of bone grafts, each with a price level that differs from case to case.

  • The autologous graft (autograft, ie bone taken from your own body) has a high price because it requires the operation of extraction and anesthesia.
  • The graft from a donor (allograft, ie bone obtained from the organ bank) has a high price because it requires the extraction operation.
  • The artificial graft (alloplastic, ie synthetic bone powder, made in the laboratory) has a low price due to the low cost of production.
  • The graft of animal origin (xenograft, ie bone powder obtained from cattle) has a low price due to the low cost of production.

3. The amount of material

Each tooth has a variable degree of bone resorption. The more advanced it is, the more weight is needed. Usually 1 gram is needed in case of a slight resorption, and in severe cases 2 grams may be needed to completely restore the bone. So, in the latter case, the price of the material will increase twice.

4. Type and size of collagen membrane

After applying the biomaterial, the addition operation is completed by applying a collagen membrane, followed by suturing (thread sewing). Depending on the weight used, membranes of larger or smaller dimensions are applied. The cost of the collagen membrane varies depending on the type / brand, but also on the size: the large ones have a higher price, the small ones have a lower price.

5. Labor of the bone addition operation

The cost of labor differs depending on the surgeon's experience and level of training, but also on the complexity of the operation. The more resorbed the bone, the more complex the operation and the higher the price. In cases of advanced resorption, labor can increase up to 3 times from the initial price.

  • Price list of bone addition and related operations - Dr. Nassar clinic
Price list of bone addition and related operations - Dr. Nassar clinic
Bone addition (with autologous bone sampling) 550 - 1100 euros
Bone Addition (with biomaterials) 125 euros
Biomaterial synthetic bone 1gr 90 Euro
Biomateriale os bovin 1gr 90 Euro
Gtr Guided Tissue Regeneration (without biomaterials) 850 Lei
Collagen membrane Hipro-sorb 15/20 70 Euro
Collagen membrane Hipro-sorb 20/30 85 Euro
Collagen membrane Hipro-sorb 30/40 100 Euro
Pericard membrane 145 Euro

Examples of price calculation for bone addition / 1 tooth

The total cost of bone addition fluctuates depending on the degree of bone resorption, the amount of bone biomaterial used and the price of the membrane. The more resorbed the bone, the more complex the operation and the higher the price. To better understand, see the examples below:

Example 1: The cheapest bone addition

125 (bone addition labor) + 90 (bone biomaterial) + 70 (membrane) = 285 euro / tooth

Example 2: The most expensive bone addition

490 (bone addition labor) + 180 (2 grams of bone biomaterial) + 145 (membrane) = 815 euro / tooth

How do you know exactly how much bone addition will cost in your case?

To find out the exact price of bone addition, you need:
1. Panoramic radiography;
2. Dental consultation from a surgeon.

At the Dr. Nassar clinic you have the opportunity to perform dental consultation through online appointment at the office or, if you can't move, you can choose an online consultation with one of our doctors.

How can you pay a lower price for a bone addition?

To pay less for a bone addition there are 2 solutions:
1. Go to the clinic as soon as possible so that bone resorption does not progress. Otherwise, you will pay more for labor and materials;
2. Use a dental implant that can be integrated without the need for bone addition.

Dr. Nassar Clinic is the sole importer of Pyramidion, the revolutionary new implant system without bone addition.



Dr. Chirurg Lorelei Nassar

Implantology surgeon

Lorelei Nassar

Specialist surgeon with over 28 years of experience and over 10,000 dental implant operations in clinics in the USA, Sweden, UK, Israel and Romania.

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