Dental veneers without grinding (no prep)

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Veneers can be applied by 2 procedures, with grinding of the teeth, ie with preparation, or without grinding ("no prep"). Although there are several types of dental veneers made of composite or materials such as zirconium or ceramic (Lumineers, Emax, etc.), not all veneers can be used at any time and anyway in the No Prep method.

When are the "No Prep" veneers indicated?

If you are not satisfied with the color, shape or size of your teeth, unpolished veneers can bring you significant aesthetic results without invasive operations and without affecting the tooth structure.

NO PREP veneers can be suitable for both adults and adolescents dissatisfied with the color, shape or size of their teeth, but especially those who have:

  • Broken, chipped or scratched teeth
  • Slight stains on teeth or slightly discolored teeth
  • Larger or smaller spaces between the teeth
  • Unsightly shapes of teeth or slightly misaligned teeth
  • Slightly clenched teeth
  • Small teeth

The ideal candidate

Unfortunately, good candidates for "No prep" girls are very few and this is because the patient must meet some strict conditions such as: stable and balanced occlusion, very good hygiene, not to show severe discoloration, cavities or dental fractures.

In conclusion, dental veneers without sanding No Prep are mainly indicated to close the spaces between the teeth and / or to change the shape of the teeth, in compliance with the above conditions. To determine if the patient's teeth are suitable for faceless grinding, the dentist should examine the patient's condition.

Used materials

Unpolished veneers are very thin (less than 0.3 mm thick), in some cases as thin as contact lenses and are made of ceramic. Therefore it does not require removal of dental tissue and is applied with an adhesive directly on the tooth. The result is a natural look and much appreciated by patients.

Ceramic Lumineers

Typically, classic ceramic (porcelain) veneers require a greater grinding of the tooth, sometimes even exceeding the enamel layer, and this makes the procedure irreversible. Lately, however, new ceramic veneers (Lumineers) have appeared that can be placed directly on the enamel or with a minimal grinding of it, without affecting the dentin in any way.


Non - Invasiveness

In the "No Prep" procedure, the surface of the teeth is not milled and does not change, they remain intact, exactly as they were initially. Thus, after the veneers have been applied, it is impossible to result in a sensitivity of the teeth to "hot" or "cold" foods and drinks. There are no restrictions or side effects, the method being completely non-invasive.


The adhesion of veneers exclusively on the enamel creates a very strong connection between the tooth surface and the veneer, this process significantly raising the durability of the aesthetic work.

Maximum comfort

While classic ceramic veneers require the injection of an anesthetic, this is no longer necessary for No Prep veneers. Because the teeth do not grind, we do not need any anesthetic, so the operation is completely uncomfortable.

Quick procedure

The application of veneers is fast, the procedure can be performed in one or two sessions.


Incompatibility for very crowded teeth

Unpolished veneers cannot be applied to very crowded teeth until after the orthodontic treatment of aligning the teeth with the dental appliance.

Not suitable for very discolored teeth

For each degree of discoloration that requires masking, the dentist needs a 0.2 mm layer of ceramic. Theoretically, the more discolored the teeth, the more ceramics are added. Basically, however, you can't add more layers because No Prep veneers would become very "thick" and unsightly teeth.

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