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Some things are known about medical hypnosis, others are suspected, but more can be guessed through the halo of mystery that surrounds this mode of therapy. Discover how you can treat your teeth without pain with Dr. Lorelei Nassar.
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Discovered by the German physicist Franz Mesmer (1734-1815), the phenomenon now called hypnosis was initially described as an energy transfer between animals and / or objects and called animal magnetism or mesmerism.

  • It was not until 1843 that James Braid proposed the term hypnosis, which gained ground after 1880, although its therapeutic use has been described since ancient India, where people were taken to temples to be healed by hypnotic trance or "temple sleep."
  • The prejudices that accompany hypnosis come from its widespread use on stage, as performance, often doubled or replaced by little tricks - this is why people often believe that during the hypnotic process they lose control of consciousness and maybe even the whole body, and they are open to the invasion of a foreign person who could do whatever he wants with them!
  • In general, little is known about the real possibilities of brain activity and, as a natural human being, what we do not know we fill with fantasies. Therefore, the first discussions with patients in the clinic are focused precisely to clear these prejudices and bring back medical hypnosis in its role as an extremely beneficial therapeutic tool in psychological therapy and a reliable help in any other medical field.


I studied medical hypnosis at Tel Aviv University of Medicine and Pharmacy, with some of the world's leading masters in the field, highly regarded psychologists with extraordinary results, books published in the field and much scientific experience.

So it happened that from the first second I was fascinated by this field, I saw its clinical applicability, and when in the course we, the participants, did self-hypnosis processes through which we managed to get rid of various unnecessary negativities at that time (I , for example, I was healed of the fear of snakes). Thus, I became even more fond of this discipline.

Later, in the clinic, applying to patients and seeing that it is helpful for people with exacerbated fear of the dentist and who in their whole life had not been in a doctor's office for this reason, and that in a few sessions I managed to create a relationship. reliable and optimal collaboration, I was even more excited.


Because, throughout the process of medical hypnosis, the person in front is in full control, and he knows and feels that - he can lower his pain threshold and definitely the negative emotional response to an unpleasant stimulus from the past.

Hypnosis is simple in fact, it is about the reaction of our body to our thoughts, and the most used example is lemon juice - when we talk about lemons it happens… secretion of increased saliva. It makes our mouths water - this means that the thought of lemon triggered an action in the body - and that's it!

Every thought triggers an action in the body, it depends only on us that it is positive, cheerful and optimistic, and in this way we choose the tone in which we want to live - and it is not just theory.

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